Prospect Evaluation

We provide Oil and Gas prospect generation, evaluation, and interpretation services for our clientele. We employ a fully integrated Geological and Geophysical approach to Seismic Interpretation.

Seismic Data Interpretation

We integrate all available forms of Geological data (i.e., subsurface maps, well logs, etc.) and Geophysical data (i.e., Seismic, Gravity, Radiometric, etc.) to render a fully integrated Geoscience perspective to Prospect Evaluation and subsequent recommendation.

In addition, our Seismic Data Interpretations are supported and assisted by in-house computers equipped with unique Sperling Geophysics Corporation proprietary Seismic Analytical Software. We began developing micro-computer seismic data modeling software in 1978.

We specialize in solving Seismic Stratigraphy Problems.

Seismic Data Modeling

We provide "State of the Art" seismic data modeling and analytical software. Our Seismic Modeling Computer Programs (developed internally) are unique to the Oil and Gas industry. These programs are based upon 27+ years of "real world" Data Modeling experience.

Please note: We Researched and Developed the first commercial Geophysical micro-computer workstation to provide Seismic Data Modeling for the Petroleum Industry. (MASA® Micro Assisted Seismic Analysis -- 1981). Also note, Sperling Geophysics Corporation was Nationally credited with the first Micro-Computer Oil Discovery (AAPG EXPLORER - July, 1985).

Seismic Data Processing

We provide Supervision and Quality Control over all seismic data processing steps. This includes the selection of seismic data processing parameters and the determination of which seismic data processing programs are to be applied to the Seismic Data and in what sequence.

This permits us to provide current industry "State of the Art" processing techniques that are custom designed to the client's "Specific Geographical Area" and to the client's specific "Zone of Interest." As such, we provide seismic sections capable of High Confidence Interpretations.

Seismic Data Acquisition

We design Seismic Data Acquisition field parameters, which includes determining shot point spacing, source types, source array design, geophone array design, field spread configurations, selection of recording equipment and recording settings, and crew procedures for minimizing field logistic problems;

We also provide services for negotiating and accepting bids for contract Seismic Data Acquisition work.

We also provide Field Supervision of Seismic Data Acquisition crews to insure parameter adherence to promote High Quality data collection.


Innovation best describes our service. We have made a career of being innovative in developing new techniques and technologies for Petroleum Exploration. For example, we were the first Geophysical Exploration consulting company to provide their services via the net, as evidenced by our early-on purchase of the domain name ""

In short, Sperling Geophysics Corporation provides complete Geotechnical services. From planting the Geophone to spudding the Drill-bit, we provide unsurpassed experience, competency, and innovation in Seismic Petroleum Exploration.

Sperling Geophysics Corporation -- Where Geoscience gets down to Earth.