Sperling Geophysics Corporation

We have over 20 years of Seismic Exploration experience finding Oil and Gas fields, and providing clients with the best possible technology in Geophysical Evaluations.

We also provide a full range of other Geological and Geophysical services to assist the Oil and Gas community in all forms of Petroleum Exploration.

Our clientele range from the largest Petroleum Companies (i.e., EXXON, AMOCO, SHELL) to large Corporations (i.e., General Motors, Kellogg's) to governments (i.e., States of Michigan, Ohio), to Independant Oil and Gas Companies, and to the individual Oil and Gas Investor.

If you are an independent Oil and Gas firm who is looking for a Geophysical Consultant, or for a Second Opinion on a prospect, please contact us -- we have provided service to scores of Companies like yours.

If you are an Individual Investor thinking of Investing in an Oil and Gas Venture and need an independent and knowledgeable opinion? Try us, we provide Second Opinions for Oil and Gas Prospects.

Innovation best describes our service. We have made a career of being innovative in developing new techniques and technologies for Petroleum Exploration. Please review our Services page.

From full-scale Seismic Exploration Programs to Second Opinions, from Prospect Generation to Drilling, we provide complete "State of the Art" Geophysical Evaluation Services .

Sperling Geophysics Corporation -- Where Geoscience gets down to Earth.